CityCamp's Fourth Year!

It’s that time of year again, when tech nerds like myself intermingle with engaged citizens, city/county/state government, and businesses to develop innovative solutions to improve our quality of life here at home through technology.  Yes, it is CityCamp NC’s fourth year hosted here in Raleigh!


Unfamiliar with CityCamp?  CityCamp is an unconference approach to today’s problems shared by citizens that yields real solutions.  But you don’t have to love technology… Just bring your ideas.


Know of something in need of change in Raleigh that could be helped through technology?  Come out and join us and share your ideas so we can build solutions:    

Want to be a more engaged citizen outside of CityCamp?  Read my article in the Raleigh Downtowner on guerrilla citizenship here in Raleigh and get involved!

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