Timing Is Everything

Dear Councilman Gaylord, Thank you for asking me for additional comments concerning the following issue. Bold decisions are what make great leaders and we need you to be a great leader. The process of how a new City Manager is chosen will determine the quality and success of the City of Raleigh for years to come. This will affect public and private growth, businesses, and every citizen of Raleigh The issue at hand comes at perfect time in your campaign for re-election. I believe, this is the issue to ensure your reelection In the eyes of the press, the council, and most important, its citizens. You are in a position to make something happen. And you can own the high ground in every way. Raleigh citizens and business owners should informed why they should be very concerned about the City manager selection not being public and transparent. Here is what I propose: o Privately ensure the media, it would not lose any access if it follows and reports a true story o Hold a press conference, step it up a notch and start squeaking louder. o Inform the public the actual details for the outgoing city manager being let go. o Inform the public why it cannot and should not rely on the City Council to hire the most powerful position in Raleigh City government behind closed doors, without public awareness and input. o Inform the public, which council members voted against making this a public selection. Pose the question publicly to those council members: How could democracy possibly be better served by having the most powerful, unelected, public sector seat, chosen behind closed doors, off the record? o Call for concerned citizens to contact you and each council member to demand a transparent collaboration in choosing the MOST powerful leader in their city. o Issue a public statement to national media highlighting your leadership concerning this issue. o Make this the primary topic at hand at every public engagement. Leadership is needed here. I believe you could be the right councilman, at the right time, holding the right seat to ensure the informed voices of the citizens of Raleigh are heard and acted upon appropriately. Will you accept this charge for the citizens of Raleigh? Donald J. Mertrud Raleigh NC

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