Gaylord on the Issues

Managing Growth

Councilor Gaylord believes we need to manage growth in a thoughtful, comprehensive way.  Raleigh must improve its roads, provide more transportation choices, and work closely with neighboring cities and towns to plan for our future growth in order to solve our transportation challenges.

Taxes and Spending

In today’s struggling economy---when families are worried about the future---cutting wasteful spending and keeping our taxes low are top priorities.  Councilor Gaylord is working hard to cut spending where needed, and address tough budget challenges.

Streamlining Government

Making government more efficient is important in today’s economy. Councilor Gaylord believes we must cut through the red tape of the development process, examine all of our city departments for redundancy, and implement effective employee review processes.

Vibrant, Safe Neighborhoods

Growing up in Raleigh, Councilor Gaylord has a strong desire to build and maintain vibrant, safe, and healthy neighborhoods. In order to keep ---and improve---our quality of life and property values high, Raleigh needs safe, walkable communities with greenways, parks, and gathering places that are useable amenities. 

Job Creation and Improving the Local Economy 

Councilor Gaylord understands the importance of creating local jobs because he works for a company creating thousands of jobs for Raleigh citizens. He believes that creating jobs and improving our local economy is a top priority. By keeping taxes low, implementing business-friendly processes, and making it easy to attract outside investment, the City of Raleigh can create jobs for our citizens and the many people who are moving to our beautiful area.

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