I'm Sorry

Seeing the resentment, frustration, and disenfranchisement at Wednesday's City Council meeting was tough for me.

Although I don't know of anything that I could have done to prevent this mess from happening, I feel horrible. An action of the City of Raleigh, for which I am responsible, conveyed the message that we devalue certain human beings, and I am truly sorry about that.  I am sorry that the City's conduct made any of God's creatures feel "less than", and regardless of how large or small my role in this, I am responsible for this City and I am sorry.

I wanted to be able to say this personally to those who were hurt by the City's conduct, and thankfully, Hugh Hollowell from Love Wins gave me that opportunity to begin that work today. I say "begin" because there are more who deserve an apology, and frankly, there are more who should express contrition.

Hugh was extremely gracious in accepting my apology, and we discussed several ways to find the silver lining in this dark cloud. We talked about the need for an establishment of trust before any healing can begin and are taking steps towards that end. I will continue moving forward with a few of Hugh and my ideas, but I want to hear from others too...

How do you think Raleigh can best move forward in showing people who are experiencing homeless that we love them, we value them as human beings, and we don't think of them as objects to be tossed aside?


Read more about what I'm doing to move Raleigh forward here

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    Thank you
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