Let's End Homelessness Together

As the only Councilor not running opposed I could step back and not have to get involved. But that’s not who I am. I believe those who are hungry and without a roof over their heads need our help and I ran for this seat to do the right thing for those that need it most. I was heartened to see at today’s Law and Public Safety Committee meeting that there are so many individuals who believe the same as I do.

While the topic of homelessness has become a hot button issue in the press, online and at the kitchen tables throughout Raleigh, before Saturday and a month from now it will be as important as it is today. According to Wake County Human Services 1,116 people were counted in a one-day survey of homelessness in January 2012. Over the course of a year more than 4,000 different individuals experience homelessness in Wake County [read more here]. That is why I am so glad there are so many resources available to people who are homeless or at risk of being homeless.

Wake County compiled a 70 page document with phone numbers, tips and contact info for churches and programs services (PDF) for those in need. Please read through this, find places nearby you and help. In a quick Google search, I found resources through the North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness, United Way and Raleigh’s own Project Homeless Connect.

Love Wins has struggled over the past six years to help feed the hungry on weekends. I commend their commitment and love for the neighbor. We need more of that energy from ministries, individuals, and our elected leaders. We need that collective strength to focus our resources not just on providing a weekend meal, but ending hunger and homelessness in our community. We need to work together to solve this problem for good.


Read more about what I'm doing to move Raleigh forward here

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