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Over the past weeks we've had a number of successful Raleigh+ Hangout discussions. You can click here to read more information about what these are and why Bonner Gaylord is interested in hosting them.

But if you're on this page, we trust you're interested in joining a hangout and want to know how. First off, thank you! The hangouts succeed only to the extent that there is meaningful engagement, and we believe the more the merrier.

There are two different ways to participate in a Raleigh+ Hangout. The first is to JOIN the hangout, the second is to WATCH the hangout. We'll describe both below.


As you can probably guess, our Raleigh+ Hangouts are built on the Google+ Hangouts technology. This technology allows up to 10 people to join a video chat. Each participant's webcam will capture video that will be part of the archived Hangout footage (so if you join, be sure you've got good lighting so we can see you and a good microphone so we can hear you. Also, be prepared to mute your mic if you're not talking--background noise carries in these discussions).

To join, you need to have a Google account and a Google+ profile. Here's how to get an account if you don't have one, and here's how to sign up for Google+. If you'd like to join on a desktop simply navigate to Bonner's Google+ page at the scheduled time. You'll see a post on his page with this symbol


If there space (Google limits it to 10 participants at any given time), there will be a "Join" button. Click that, and you're in. The same instructions go for access via mobile devices, but be sure to download the app first: Android // Apple.


In order to allow as many people to participate as possible, we always broadcast our hangouts "on air," which means that an unlimited number of people can watch live without officially "joining" the hangout as described above. If you'd like to watch you have a couple of options: you can watch live via Bonner's YouTube channel, or you can navigate to Bonner's Google+ page and click the "play" button on the Hangout video in his feed.

As always, whether you join or watch the hangout, we invite you to comment (here on the site, on Bonner's Google+ page, via Twitter, or in the YouTube comments below the Hangout videos).

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