Need a City Manager who is progressive, visionary and eager to facilitate.

Need a City Manager who is progressive, visionary and eager to facilitate projects that will mold the city's future economically,environmentally and in quality living experience. The nature of the City Manager's role as it has evolved over time has been more administrative and tactical. I believe the last administration created value by increasing efficiency in existing operations, infrastructure and initiatives (Make Status Quo a little better) This leaves little support for the more visionary projects and risk/ reward based propositions. Our city is well positioned to take some risks and break the mold so to speak. We need someone in this role who is competitive, driven by progress, a willing facilitator of public/ private partnerships, and dynamic enough personality who shall manage relationships with a diverse set of players and individuals in our ecosystem which span a broad spectrum of believes, values and generations. Be able to keep the old school and the new school engaged and working towards progress. This position is so very critical at a point in time where we can accelerate and advance our successes exponentially or we can continue making steady progress. I am in full support of this being an open discussion due to the importance of this position and its role in our lives and futures. If this is being kept behind closed doors we are missing some opportunities. -Not raising the public awareness of this position and its importance. -Not engaging the residents on a decision that likely has more impact on their Raleigh Experience than any one elected position. Yet each contested elected seat has enormous publicity. - Behind closed doors lends itself to decisions and recommendations being made by council that may not be 100% in line with constituent benefit. This can be viewed many different ways. Chances are, whatever you could be thinking about related to 'What could go wrong if this happens behind closed doors?' Whatever! You are likely on to something and right that it could happen. Running out of time. These are a few thoughts. Look forward to the conversation.

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